Victoria and I are excited that you have chosen
to visit our website. We welcome you and
pray that the Word of God that you receive
from this ministry would bring testimonies
you can share with friends and family
into your life, whilst bringing greater
glory to God.

Do you know how blessed you are to be
taught the Word of God without
compromise, in a time when integrity
is scarce in the pulpit? Welcome
to your divine appointment
in the Word of God!


God's Word is powerful, insightful and edifying. It is able save your soul, heal your body and bring wholesome deliverance to your life. Experience the incredible power of God's Word here. Do you have a prayer need? Are you cumbered with troubles you cannot bear alone? Do you need a miracle? Help is only a prayer away! Send us your prayer requests now. Salvation in Jesus Christ is the only way to make peace with God. If you died today, where will you spend eternity? Connect with God through Jesus Christ and be saved right here, right now! There are lots and lots of freebies we're giving away to website visitors. Here you can download full length messages by Pastor Henry Young and others, totally free of charge!

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